I never get asked out on dates…Whats wrong with the guys I know?

Seriously though i am a really friendly person if a bit of an over achiever and I'm kind of a take me or leave me person... But i just never get persued kinda sad.. but story of my life!


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  • In another 16 years you may very well be sick of guys... lol !! Seriously , most guys fear rejection... be honest here , some girls can be downright nasty to guys that they don't find attractive , so they want to avoid rejection & above all humiliation. Our brains are wired totally differently to you ladies , guys can only read the very subtle female flirting signals if they have been well trained to do so , most guys won't have a clue if you are sending interest signals. Be very direct when communicating with a guy.


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  • Maybe you just haven't found the right person yet.

  • Story of your life?

    You're 16... lol

    • i know but come on a little interest would be nice!! its not like i'm a bloody nun! its the principal of the thing!

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  • maybe you are a little intimidating to them?

    • maybe i guess the thing is that as much as i want to have a boyfriend i can be kind of a stand alone person at times..

    • just take every day as you find it. I know it feels right now that you are missing out on an experience but trust me, when i was your age i wish i had concentrated on life a lot more than boys :) x