How do I be okay with knowing ill be single forever?

im 19 and all my relationships I've tried to have never last i always get cheated on or the girl doesn't want to see me. I've coe to the conclusion that its bc im to nice to girls they always tell me im sweet ad then they go off and date someone else. girls dont like nice guys they dont want them and i definatly feel unwanted. im never trying to get a relationship again im nothing but a loser to females and i just care to much to them also i want a relationship someone to love me bc i really dont have fam or friends but its ok though ill go through liferl that want alone i just need to know how to accept the fact im never going to fin a girl that wants me.


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  • honestly, guys who want pity for girls breaking up with them is unattractive. How do you know it's your niceness that makes them break up with you? Personally I love nice guys but there are other qualities guys need such as confidence. I'm also 19, and unlike you, I've never been in a relationship. That doesn't mean I believe I'm going to be single for life. If you have the mentality that you're a loser and that you'll never be in a relationship, than you won't be in a relationship in the first place. You give what you want back. If you become more confident and lose the 'I'm a loser' mentality, than I'm sure you'll get a girlfriend some day


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  • Just snap out of it. You are freaking 19. Stop the "stream of consciousness" I Am A Victim. As long as you believe that, you are absolutely correct... no one is going to want you on any level except as an organ donor.

    A - knock off being a "nice guy". It's not natural, people smell through that in a heartbeat. Be Good and do what's right. Nice ain't got anything to do with it.

    B - stop wanting what you are clearly not ready for. Get it together. It might take awhile but I swear to you'll notice what you are looking for will have been standing at your door this whole time when you are ready for it.

    C - you do Not have to be Okay with being alone. Reference points A and B. You are clearly your worst enemy, strap up and fight.

  • You do realize that there are guys 5 years older and never had relationships that keep on trying anyway right?

    Sorry man maybe the girls want to comfort you here, but I'm pretty sure most of the guys here agree with me.

    Keep fishing.

    P. S. Tip if you are 19 and already giving up on women already, you got a pretty bad mentality, which is probably the same thing that got you here.

  • You have a bad case of LEARNED HELPLESSNESS. And also being nice won't get you girls. You must have something else going for you besides being nice. You can take the advice everyone is giving or continue to decline the choice is yours.