What tips would you give a new couple to stay close and in love?

I recently started dating my friend. And I know right now we're sorta in the honeymooning phase lol...
But I keep hearing from other friends all these bitter and and negative things about relationships. I hear them nonstop.
Eventually you just become like co workers or roommates, the passion dies.
what are the chances you'll love someone forever?
relatipnships are a pain in the ass.
things like that... What are some tops? And I'd also appreciate advice from successful couples :) thanks.
I care a lot about her, and I don't want this feeling to die out.


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  • Thats how I feel! I'm with a guy and I always see things online saying stuff like how relationships die out. It makes me nervous and it's quite heartbreaking. Don't think about that happening. Real love won't die out if the two people have mutual understanding, respect and have the ability to accept each other inside and out. You just have to adapt and you both have to know that too. You both have to know you won't leave each other and that you both are so deeply connected to just know you want to be together for a long time, it depends on the individuals.


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  • Well... you just have to both put in a little effort to keep that passionate flame lit... if you don't fan the flames of course it will die


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