So I met this really cool guy on Kik and he's my boyfriend now. Should I tell my mom?

He's really cool and he gave me all his personal information , I know where he lives and everything. My mother met my my dad through a newspaper pen pal ad so I feel like she should understand right? Wrong, I'm not supposed to be dating or even talking to guys but this one is different. We have so much in common its kinda weird. We text each other all day. At times we mention the same things at the same time. I want to tell my mom about Nathan, I just don't know how

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  • Tell my mom later
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  • I would tell her. Surprisingly, moms always seem to be right, even if us teenagers don't think so at that very moment. I think that her opinion would be helpful for your situation, just in case he might be catfishing you. Sorry, but it might be a possibility, especially at your age.
    Good luck, and I strongly suggest you talk to her. She'll find out one way or another, so better tell her before she thinks/knows you're hiding something from her.

  • Err, are you sure he isn't lying. It sounds kind of catfishy to me?