Do you guys have any advice?

So I started talking to this guy and it was great, we hung out and a while later we started getting intimate. He sent me a text one day before another scheduled hang out day and it went like this... "Lol yea that's right. I have to ask though. What are your intentions? I can't help but notice you have a pretty serious amount of feelings towards me which is totally fine. But I also I don't you to feel like I'm leading you on at all. You deserve better than that you know? I've been through that and it sucks. I'm not looking for anything serious right now because it would be unfair to anyone since I don't have my life out together and I'm also moving to California next year. Im asking because if I can't give you what you want, it would be unfair for you." Me: I was planning to get to know you and see where things go. If something happens, great, if not.. that's how it was meant to be. (Him:) " I totally respect that and I'm really glad we are on the same page then. The very last thing I ever want to do is hurt you and I hope you realize that because I do care about you. This is why I'm so open with you because you're worth more than that and I can see that. It wouldn't be cool to hide anything from you and leave you wondering why because I've been through that with someone before. It was the absolute worst." I brought up how I was gonna be sad that he was leaving and it sucks thinking that he'll find some girl and I'll have the image of them having sex. Its pissing me off that he's like... down with having sex and taking me out because he knows nothing will ever happen. I wish he told me the very first day because the whole reason I started talking to him was to see if we could date.


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  • You can't be mad, he was honest with you.


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  • leave him alone.