Inexperienced girl 17 years old?

Okayy so im 17, ill be in highschool as a Senior in just a few weeks. So my thing is im soo inexperienced, i haven't had my first kiss yet or anything like that. It use to not bother me but now im just like kind of embarrassed by the whole thing. I mean i say that guys dont talk to me, but then again i dont put myself out there (in a respectful manner) like I've realized i even dont try to become friends with guys. I've been eally naive when it comes to boys in the past, and literally have embarrassed myself, Ugh. And then i wonder why they dont like me back.. its really bad actually lol I guess my question is how can i be more out there?(while STILL remaining a lady) also how to not be so stuck on being a "good girl" and having a little fun. lol And have some kind of experience? Also what do you think of girls like this? Also if you have any other kind of helpful advice for a girl like me. Please only answers that are meant for help (:
Thank you (:


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  • Not caring. It sounds bad butttt the less you care, the more fun you'll have because the less you care about things, the more likely you are to not care how people see you. Question is now of course, hoe do you "not care". There's no simple answer, it's just sort of something you start to do


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  • Go to parties and put yourself out there more. You can still be the shy girl and be yourself. When you're there just don't be an ice queen. Try to talk to people. This goes for anywhere, even if it's not a party. You're going to be a bit shy and timid. Just try to have a conversation and it gets easier from there.

  • You must value yourself higher, Don't undersell your virginity, Give boys chance to prove their worth. Some fashionable style would be helpful.

    • Thank you for your response (:What do you mean fashionable style?

    • The style that attracts people?

      Or rather dress in a way that suggest that you are open about sex but you are not cheap. I don't know. Do research on this matter.

  • Get an older boyfriend


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