Why do I feel horrible for talking to two girls?

So I met one girl online e who I have been talking to for about a month and I recently bumped into a girl I had a crush on in the past. The online I won't meet until the end July while I'vealready hung out with my former crush. I have a second (I guess you'd call it a date) planned and I'startingng to feel bad. I feel like I'm lying to both girls. Should I feel bad? I have no idea whether I truly like either of these girls yet. What should I do? Should I continue talking to both and then decide who I like more later? Or choose now to avoid hurting them. I feel horrible and don't know why. Is this negative feelings misplaced?


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  • I wouldn't go as far to say you are cheating on either of them. You haven't even had a real date with online girls and only a second planned with the crush. I'm old school though so I don't like to keep two things going for too long. I'd say if you and the crush are hitting it off after 4 dates or so maybe cut the other one loose. You don't want her to spend a whole month getting her hopes up. And then if you do meet her and like here it could be several months to figure out which one and for me that would seem unfair... To date both for months and not tell them.

    • I feel the same way. I actually never thought I'd be in this position. I plan on finding out which I'd like to pursue after another 2-3 dates. The last thing I want to do is hurt either of them.

    • Good luck!


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  • its normal to feel horrible!!! man you're cheating on both chicks... i wonder what's gonna happen when they will find out

    • I have no established relationship with either. I am barely getting to know both of them. Is this really considered cheating? I've only been on one date with one and haven't met the other in person. If this is cheating no wonder I feel horrible. I just never thought I'd run into the girl I had a crush on a million years 😂

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  • Well your not in a relationship with either so I don't get how that would be bad.