Guys, if you're still interested after dating for awhile, would you continue to call the girl or wait for her to chase you?

So I've been going on dates for 6 months, only 8 times due to long distance.. We're both 17. Moved back for our 6th and 7th. We kissed once on our 6th date, hug only sometimes, nothing else (he's shy about that kinda thing) He just disappeared after the 8th date. Why? If guys are really interested in being something more, wouldn't they call instead of waiting for the girl? It's been 2 weeks since the last date. It's been even as far as whos inviting who on the dates, but he insisted on paying for everything up until the last date (he payed for movie, I payed for my dinner) We even picked an activity for our next date and he was supposed to let me know when he wanted to go.. But didn't.


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  • Honestly, I would wait for her to chase me. I'm tired of calling girls and getting no response.


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  • If your'e long distance then setup a schedule to call each other every 2-3 days (not every night) that way he'll know you're interested and you won't be pressuring him.

  • Honesty, I wouldn't expect the girl to call me. I would be sure to call her first, not without apologizing incase she doesn't like me.