She told me she had a boyfriend! Help?

Hi all so I was going out with this Japanese girl for several weeks. Flirting, laughing, talking about cultures, friends, families, travelling and all subjects you can imagine while seeing interest from her end.

First two times we went out I specifically told her that in my country (when talking about cultures) we do not criss-cross. It's a very small country where everyone knows everyone and therefore we do not go out alone even as friends if the opposite sex is in a relationship. And made sure she understood what I said.

So last week we went out and when I was telling her a joke I did ask her if she has a boyfriend and she replied with "back in Japan yes". I was like confused and disappointed as I'm sure I made it clear from my end that it is a no-go for me. We had the worst most awkward 15minutes together until I took her back to her apartment.

Later that night I texted her. Told her again I was disappointed but on the other end let's not end our relationship like this. She replied with a bunch of sorry and thank you and that she too doesn't want our relationship to end like this. 3 days have passed and I didn't initiate contact and neither did she. Any suggestions please?



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  • Call her, text her, message her and what have you... just ask her how she is and take it from there.


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  • wow, awkward silence much (3 days and in counting I assume) I'm just thinking that either one of you is waiting on the other one to break the ice. If you want to hang out with her just text her, call her and let her know.


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  • Why is she in Malta? is she going to live there permanently?