Guys, Do you talk to a girl a few days before your first date?

After you've arranged a day you'll meet when do you organise a time and place to meet? A guy last week asked me on a date and I told him im free Wednesday and he said sounds good keep it free so I said I would. We haven't discussed it further since then, is that normal?

By discuss further I mean time and place. Or is it normal to wait until the day of or night before? Ever guy I've dated has planned in advance so this ones new


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  • its a hit or miss really, if I'm vibing really well with the girl then I can talk to her all day and still keep it going during the date. if things aren't vibing very well I may need to be strategic and cut her off 1-2 days prior.


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  • He should confirm with you, but we trend to keep chatting to a minimum so we don't come off as needy

  • I don't know what there is to discuss, I'd say that's normal from my perspective.

    • Sorry by discuss further I mean time and place

    • I'm usually like "shall we discuss time and place closer to the time" and that takes care of it, puts her at ease. He'll probably holler at you the day before or on the day.