Should I be embarrassed that I fell asleep on the couch with a piece of pizza on my chest?

I've been dating someone new for about a week. He stayed the night last night at my place, and was feeling really sick so he went to sleep in my bed before I did. Meanwhile, I was getting a lot of housework done in my apartment, had some wine, and then I decided to have a little pizza. By the time it was ready, I was feeling a little sleepy, and I started to eat it while I was sitting on my couch... then the next thing I remember is waking up in the middle of the night and the pizza was on a plate on the coffee table in front of me, next to a glass of wine. Later on, when we left my place in the morning he tells me that he found me passed out on the couch with the barely eaten pizza balanced on my boobs. I laughed because of the way he described it, but then I also wondered if he was going to think something weird about me because of it.

It's been several days, he hasn't brought it up, and everything seems to be good between us. I guess I was being paranoid lol. Thank you to everyone who commented! :)


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  • You committed the sin of "falling asleep on the couch with a piece of pizza on your chest." There is no forgiveness for that. You should be banished from society. Take her away!

    • Lol - Alright, maybe it sounds silly to ask this question. I'm just in that "new relationship" phase where we haven't done anything embarrassing in front of the other person yet... Or maybe I have lol. Your comment was funny though :)

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    • hey thanks for MHO !

    • You're welcome! :) You brought up an interesting point about the "human" element... he actually said something similar the other day. Since we're still new, he has been saying how perfect/ "out of his league" I seem, but he likes knowing that I need his help parallel parking because it makes me seem "less intimidating"


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  • wot's so shameful bout it? it could happen 2 anyone if he was sleepy... at least b glad u didn't chock on it. ;)

  • I wouldn't worry about it at all, especially if he likes you (which it sounds like he does), we all do stuff like that at some point:)

  • ROFL just go with it, if you guys are that comfortable after a week no worries


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