Are we considered boyfriend and girlfriend?

So there's this guy that I grew up with and we never talked because he use to think I was anti social anyways one day he had a conversation with me and all of a sudden we started texting everyday from morning to night. We have only been on one real date just me and him and that was back in February or March. We only get to see each other 3-5 times a month because he is always busy with work and he lives 20 min away. So we have been talking for 7 months now. And we don't see any other people. I've known his family and siblings all my life. We have held hands once but that's because I made the move. We've just now started kissing. We've only kissed 3 times and one of them was making out. He calls me beautiful all the time. I asked him what we were and He said he likes where our relationship is at and I told him I did too but I don't want to feel like we're just friends and how I don't like that we barely ever see each other. And he asked if I would like to hang out more and I told him I did but I just never brought it up because I know he is always busy and that's his priority. He said that yeah he's focused on his work a lot but he still likes to go out every now and then. So he said he would like us to hang out more too. And back to the whole thing of me not wanting to feel like we are just friends, he asked me if I wanted more affection and to feel wanted and I told him I would like that and so he said he could do that. So to sum it all up we are going to put more effort in our relationship. All his friends know that im pretty much his "girl". Are we considered boyfriend and girlfriend... how would you define our relationship?


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  • I've always felt like, if a guy isn't calling you his girlfriend you aren't. Like, not to you, but in front of his friends.


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  • Until he has the balls to ask you out your single in my opinion. That's how I feel. I've had guys get mad because they assumed we were dating. Uhhh no, till you ask me to be exclusive (like a gentleman) we will not date.