Guy from my work place is LEAVING in 3 months and I think I like him?

So he's probably about two years older than me.. I'm 17 but we've barely spoken because we work at different times and on different days. So anyway the only time we spoke properly was briefly when he was leaving and introduced himself to me on my first day. Now I've found out he'll be leaving in a few months and I sort of started to develop a kind of mini crush on him but I don't know HOW because I barely even see him.. He'll be leaving in September I think :( what do I do?


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  • Just ask him out. Just say, "Hey, I know this is pretty sudden, but I heard that you were leaving, and I've been wondering if you might want to go out with me some time". You don't need to be charming as a girl in your approach. You just need to be unambiguous.

    This answer is assuming that it would be legal for you two to be together and assuming that he isn't moving far away.


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  • you have to move on.