Why would guy mention his old female boss so much?

My boyfriend got a new job two months ago. He previously asked me a question if he had told me about his dinner with his sister. I said yes, and he said o it was my old boss I hadn't told yet. I am sure she is dying to know. Well, that seems a little odd. Well, tonight he mentions that he misses working with her. That she works where he works in a different department. But he likes how orderly she keeps things going. It sounds odd to me. In a past relationship of mine. It was a huge red flag. The guy mentioned about how much she knew about wine and this and that a jumber of times. Gut told me something was up. And well... he denied it but he had feelings for her and wanted more with her. Needless to say I stayed anyway and it didn't work out. I like my boyfriend a lot. He is nothing like any guy I have dated before because he doesn't look at me like a toy and treats me like a human being. Could he lIke her as more than a boss? Should I bring it up? Or should I just ignore it?


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  • You might wanna ignore it. If it keeps happening maybe say something about it making you uncomfortable.


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  • you should ignore it.