Girls, When a girlfriend looks at her boyfriend and says "I hate you" while smiling?

Every girlfriend I've ever had has at some point looked me dead in the eye and told me they hate me while smiling.

I've also been known by every girlfriend I've ever had as "the one who breaks all the rules".

I've always taken this to mean that they're frustrated because they somehow feel they are being forced to do/feel something counter to their preconceived ideas about how they would like to handle a particular situation. Example: we get to some kind of argument and she wants to be angry with me but I make her laugh by doing something cute, silly or funny. Now she can't be as upset as she wants to be.

At this particular moment in time I have used my ninja mind powers to stop my girlfriend from breaking up with me entirely and we have agreed to be "friends".

My question is am I doing more harm than good by undermining her desires to be angry?

Make no mistake about it. I have no shame in admitting that I am allowing this "friendship" to be maintained as a way to give her some emotional space while showing her that I am truly sorry and have changed as a result. I have every intention of us being a completely committed couple again.


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  • She loves you and sais that because she loves that you make her smile I don't know its a feeling i cannot explain


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  • When a girl does that, its just for fun. When I say that, I am far from hating the guy. I actually like it when a guy jokes around.

    Body language tells more than words can. If she's smiling, she likes you. Don't doubt yourself.

  • I assume its being predictable, that they know you'll do the opposite. They don't really mean it but its just being crude.

    When I say it, I mean it though (then and there). But a feeling like that, washes away in a couple of days for me..

    • I've always thought it was cute. Thanks for the response :)

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    • Yea. I think it's cute because it lets me know that even though she's pissed, she still loves me. I know the difference between "I hate/love you" vs "I hope you die getting hit by a bus and drown on your own blood/hate you". lol

    • Hahaha ok I giggled at that! That's alright

  • I say this with my boo when he's playfully teasing me pretty much all the time. Even to my sisters I'm close as heck to. I would say, "i hate chu :p" so they know I'm just playing.

  • When I say it, it's practically meaning "I hate you but i do love you at the same time", sounds confusing but yeah hahahha

  • We joke around we are not all boring you where probably am the point where she could say I hate you she means I love you most of the time if she is not smiling sorry

  • I always say this when my boyfriend doesn't listen to me... Bt then he always.. Says I love you..

  • It's just a girls thing. It could mean he's joking.

    • She was trying to breakup with me but I denied her request. I guess the way I did was cute and it caused her to lose her thunder :P

  • Deep inside she lovesss youu so badd

  • When I say that to my bfs I mean it. But I also love them at the same time.

  • Frustrated
    Your pros outweigh the cons, wishing the latter would quell more
    Teasing you back
    Covert warning

    • "doing more harm than good?"
      I vote NO
      for the harm has already been done
      and what you are doing is putting a splint on something you broke

      Odd that you should ask about the fallout and not about the bombs you set off

    • Thanks :)

      To clarify, I have asked about the "bombs" I've set off. I just didn't do that here as this was only one dynamic in our relationship that I was curious about. I really appreciate your input though :)