Why's he backing off? :(?

We had a great connection and we'd talk everyday and we were both equally engaged in the conversation. I got a job because I like keeping busy and I'm there for at least 9 hrs and I don't have WiFi or phone minutes at work or i would message him. He used to talk to me and tell me how much he hated when girls blew up his phone. Well he started doing the same thing to me which I don't mind I'd answer if I could, but I get off at 11pm at night and I'm sleepy and now I'm noticing he's texting less and less and isn't keeping much of a convo. What am I doing wrong and what can I do to correct it? He doesn't have a job by the way and usually plays video games all day.


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  • He's used to the attention. Sounds like a super lame dude to me.


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  • talk to him about it.