Guys, what haircut you like at girl the most?

describe with words (length, color, shape) or with pictures?
and explain why?

and what haircuts u dont find attractive?


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  • Honestly, it depends on the girl and what she looks good in. I don't like red hair very much, for instance. However, I've seen some girls that looked absolutely stunning and I loved their red hair and thought it looked best on them. For instance,

    I'm not fond of red hair. I don't really like ponytails much. This girl looks fantastic in it and I love both of them because she's wearing it.

    I don't really like short hair much. Again, I've seen girls that look fantastic in it. For example,

    I don't like short, but this girl looks amazing in it and I love it because she's wearing it.

    It just depends on what she looks best in. Some girls look good in short, some medium, some long, some curly, some wavy, some straight, etc.

    Now, I think it's more common that I'll find brunettes and black haired girls more attractive, generally, but that's not always the case. I also think that I tend to find longer and wavier more attractive by default. But, again, hair isn't by itself, all on its own. There's a head that it's attached to that has a face and the face (and sometimes even her personality and the way she dresses) will determine, for me, what I think she'd probably look best in as far as hair. Sometimes, I don't even know that I'd like a certain hair style until I see it for the first time.

    There is one hair style, though, that I've NEVER seen attractive and I wish girls would stop it. Scrunched hair.

    Also, two others that I've never seen look good on a girl are pullback bangs,

    and only VERY rarely have I ever seen buns like this okay. I think I've only ever seen one example of where it just looked okay.

    • To me, (and these are just my initial gut reactions and likely don't reflect the girl at all) scrunched hair comes across as trashy, pullback bangs come off as high maintenance, and buns look like she's lazy or sort of butchy (or both).


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  • I always like the girls with long hair and clean forehead with marcel-wave or straight.
    The reason? Well because it gives all the feminine characteristics which is sexy, elegant, grown up, wise, royal and so on.
    Another reason is because it highlights her face and makes it look "long" and not "round" as short hair would make it appear (It's illusion, unless your head shape is one of them).
    That's for the haircut, as simple as that. Yes I know it isn't that easy to maintain a long hair but believe me it's worth it a thousand times. Because (in my opinion) it's much more attractive when I can see on on her that she cares for trying to look the best and I'm not talking about makeup or anything over exaggerated.

    About the color, all I'd say is don't try too hard because it shows and that's not attractive but the opposite.
    I used to be really determined about brunettes (natural Dark brow). With time I realized that I also like blonde and open brown the same way. The reason is because it isn't about what you have but how you wear it. Listen to your instincts and I'm sure you will be glamorous!

    The style is up to you, as I don't know your physiognomy. :)

  • I think it is an Irish/Scottish style, but I ADORE the braided 'princess crown', around her head, coming back to a little braid at the back. On an Irish Red, OMG!!

    • what... crown... irish... what

    • This ridiculous interface won't let me add pictures, but basically, the braid starts at the center of your forehead, and is only about an inch wide. It continues back, holding your hair back, over your ears, and then joins in the center back.
      Kind of like that, but not knotted up at the back, just hanging down, long.

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  • Long hair down to your butt in a pony tail, not much into girls with short hair usually.

  • Shoulder-length.

  • I'm a sucker for curly blondes, but I don't mind straight hair either.

    • i mentioned dark hair guys like blondes

  • Personally, It looks kinda trashy when the girl has pink dye in her hair. I don't know why it just seems like spilled some drink on their head and haven't cleaned it out.