Girls, I want to get a beautiful girlfriend. what should I do?

So, girls. i want to have a beautiful girlfriend, because i see lots of beautiful girls out there. what do you think in looks or personality wise what traits i need?

  • be as beautiful as her
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  • be confident and secured guy. go to the beautiful girl you want
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  • other opinion in comments below
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  • Find a girl who you truly love with all your heart!


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  • I've just recently fall for someone who my friends say is not attractive.. he, s much bigger then any other I've dated and kinda a dork but i dont see this really.. i fell head over heels for him because he was so funny and sweet and when i kissed him it was the end of it. I was all his and im proud of it. I say just be yourself and she will love you if its ment to be. and if she's not into you then she's not worth it and you will find another.

  • Stop being shallow and focusing it all on looks. Yeah their a bonus but if you base a relationship on how someone looks your fucked when your old and wrinkly. Find someone with great a personality

    • i am not a shallow. all romantic feelings i base on beauty... read some romantic poems. that is what exactly i see.

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    • You chat shit and you're shallow as fuck!

    • wwhy you judge me on what i want and what i like?

  • 'Beautiful' girls tend to date on their own level of attractiveness; are you a 'handsome' guy?

    • meh, i am not , but i want outer of my level

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    • No, it's not. We're all humans beings, and physical attraction is important.

    • than you deserve a guy the same level confident and secured s you are

  • Women don't just care about looks, don't worry!