My best friend tried to hook me up with a guy I didn't want to date?

It was back in May when I left for a cruise with my family to the Bahamas and on the second day we stopped at our first island. And the night before, which was formal night, I had gotten a few pictures taken and then I had posted them on the island where their was Wifi. Then my friend calls me and asks how everything is going and then tells me that she showed my picture to some guy in her class who she was really good friends with and told me that he said I was pretty and had beautiful eyes. And then she said ''he wants to meet you and I'm gonna invite him to church". Then I said ''well just tell him no relationship type of stuff is gonna happen''. She then told me that I better give him a chance and that right there had just kind of ruined my vacation a little bit and so I just had to say I'll meet him to get her off my back about it. Then when I got back to church, she had brought the guy and he had told her '' I don't think she likes me'' and I mean this guy was cute, but I just wasn't really attracted to him. Then me and my friend had gotten into an argument saying that it was my fault and then I said '' first of all, I didn't even want him to come here and I told you that so this is your fault, becuase I never asked you to hook me up with anyone in the first place. And I got really scared becuase I thought that If I told her I didn't want to date him she wouldn't want to be my friend anymore and this whole situation was pretty absurd and pathetic too.


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  • Just sounds like an unfortunate situation

  • So what's the question?


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