is anyone as pumped for the season 4 finale as I am.? I have a final the next morning but there's no way in hell I would miss it, great show. if anyone hasn't seen it I suggest renting the first few seasons and spending a weekend watching it, it wouldn't be a waste.


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  • Hello, Dexter Morgan!

    Oh man I can't tell you how excited I am ;) I'm downloading the US Episodes since Season 2 because I just couldn't wait for them to finally get translated

    I have absolutely no clue how the finale will end. When will it air?

    • Tomarrow night. sunday the 13th...should be awesome

    • Great so it will be available for me on monday, I know what I'll be doing that evening, then :D


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  • I am SUPER EXCITED! I wonder how Trinity and Dexter are going to square off?! Pretty ballsy of Trinity to show up at Dexter's work eh!

    I have to wait til they put it on the internet though, I don't have HBO!

    • Lol its shotime...haha and I don't either. but I'm just excited that its coming out tomarrow

    • It's funny that you say showtime because HBO was playing it when I had it.. now I don't. Maybe they were picking up the feed from showtime?!

    • Thats pretty weird. they actually aired dexter on abc or nbc or cnbc or one of those channels as well but it was way sure hbo just bought the rights to air the episodes or something

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  • Dexter is the best tv show out there right now.

    • That was a crazy twist, huh? I wasn't expecting that. Now I can't wait for season 5.

    • Im sad though. I kinda liked ritas character...but she was really holding dexters true self back in a way. season 5 should be interesting

  • Dude I rented out the seasons via a friend and I seriously watched all the episodes to date in a weekend! Hardcore. I love it!

  • I'm saving the whole season until after my exams. Heard that it's great. So I'm looking forward to it! \o/