Ladies would you date a beta male?

  • I would date a beta male
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  • only if I had no chance with an alpha
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  • I'm dating a beta male already
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  • I would never date a beta male
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  • guys
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  • I would probably prefer it

    • How come?

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    • Ahhhh, okay sorry about that. Then in that case I would prefer the alpha

    • Since when is alpha low key and humble? It's not. You just wanted her to say that she'd date an alpha male because that's the answer you really wanted.

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  • Nope. I also would not want to date an alpha or any other guy who labels himself with whatever other letters of the Greek alphabet these guys use. They might as well put the word douchebag across their foreheads.

    • Lol so the whole male population are douche

    • I didn't say that. Only the PUA guys are. Anyways, I have a guy already.

    • Real alpha males are humble not some meat head

  • Since I don't believe in stupid labels like that, yes of course.

    • Loooool, again you lie. Unless you are deformed which you aren't chances are a females like you will go for more alpha males because you can attract them. All humans are enslaved to genes and instincts. Freewill is an illusion.

      Seriously, I and other men won't attack you if you said you liked alpha males. nobody here will shame you. Just say you like the tall rich powerful ripped guy. Gager men won't shame you.

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    • @Aeon_Flux_21 you're always on about the same thing. you're always calling me a liar when I say nothing but the truth. and you generalize like crazy. just stop.

    • The first few times I called you liar was because I thought you were a catfish profile until I found out M meant mod.

  • I wouldn't date a guy who buys into this whole PUA "beta male "alpha male" bullshit.

  • As opposed to an alpha, who we're told will want ot fuck anything they feel worthy of their semen?

    I don't buy into this bullshit and know for sure that any guy who refers to himself as an Alpha male sure as hell isn't.

  • I don't know what that entails.
    And no - it doesn't mean a 'follower' who is physically weak.

    • So yes or no?

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    • It's a 'I don't judge people by that idiotic standard' reply.

    • @George1992 so just 'males' then? Hahaha! :)

      I am joking by the way

  • I just know I avoid anyone who thinks or says he's alpha.

  • The only alpha is Chris Pratt in Jurassic Park. Any other guy calling himself that is a sad ass poser wannabe

    • Ik the whole alpha thing has been misunderstood no true alpha would call themselves that. But alpha characteristics exist in the real world

    • Then it applies to women

    • There are alpha males and females
      Think of Clint Eastwood type of guys
      And for females think of charlize Theron

  • What's that supposed to mean? Honestly, I've never met a guy who labeled himself as an alpha-male I'd consider dating, because, well, they've all been obnoxious jackasses who made me INCREDIBLY uncomfortable.

  • I don't know lol

  • alphas are unhealthy in relationships tbh


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