Guy less interested?

I met a guy through mutual friends and he instantly liked me. He got in touch with me straight away and asked mutual friends about me. He chased me for a couple of weeks - the attention was a bit full on. I was wary as but suggested we get to know each other first. He would always try and meet me, make time for me etc. however, the communication became less and then he went travelling for work. I occasionally got messages but he would take a few days to reply. So I put in what I got as I don't have time for games. I remained polite on texts - I've been pretty cool and putting the effort he's giving. The other day I noticed he had removed me from Facebook which hurt. I was the only one he had unfriended as other people we know were on there. A couple of days he re added me. When I got the friend request I asked why and all he replied was how's it going? Whats going on? I haven't replied yet. But what the hell is going on and why the extreme behaviour of hot and cold?


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  • He's confused. Since you have basically pushed him away so you could get to know each other more he doesn't know if you actually like him or just think of him as a friend. Most guys (including me) like to remove anything from their life that reminds them of the embarrassing times when girls rejected them or only wanted to be friends. That's probably why he unfriended you at first. From what you've said he sounds persistent so chances are that he's not giving up yet.

    • Thanks :)
      But not sure why he Refriended me? Seems odd given its practically impossible to unfriend by accident!

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  • he's playing games!