Would you call me really immature for doing this at the drive through with my girlfriend?

So everyone here knows the "DEEZ NUTS" thing right? ok so at the drive through window the girl was like "hi what would you like to order", then as my girlfriend was about to talk i had a youtube thing of that melvin guy and i put it full volume in the car and it was like "DEEZ NUTS", then i began laughting my like crazy and even the girl was laughting, my girlfriend on the other hand was like "sorry for my boyfriends immaturity". After i told her it was a funny joke and she was like "no it's not, it's embarssing". So anyways we planned to eat at her house but she was like "sometimes i wish you were more mature".

Do you think it was that bad, like would you get embarssed if you were in the car with me?


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  • It was a joke; it's not like you were being racist or sexist or making fun of someone. Your girl needs to lighten up!

    • she is a shy girl, i'm tryin to make her lighten up lol but it needs a bit more itme

    • Try explaining to her that it's okay to joke with strangers in order to lighten the mood or diffuse tension!

    • yeah i will, she is just like that but things will be ok

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  • It's definitely immature, and funny, but not usually embarrassing. your gf's sense of humor just on skimp, or it's not her kind of joke.

    When I say usually I mean you don't do that shit at a nice restaurant. or anywhere you need to comb your hair for, you feel?

    • no no, i wouldn't do that in a place with a lot of people or anything like that. it was just us and the girl at burger king lol

    • just clarifying lol, my friends and I are way less mature with the people at the bk lounge lol


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  • No. I actually find that funny.

  • Sometimes I find it pretty funny. Although, I am a shy person and don't like attention brought on to myself. So if there was no one else around and that happened, I'd be laughing.

    • my girlfriend is the same way, she is a shy girl and doesn't like that stuff

    • Sarcastic comments or something that isn't attention grabbing I'll always laugh at.. well almost always. But yeah, if my boyfriend was being loud, I walk away haha.

    • ok haha

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  • That's funny