Should I text him again?

I had a first date on Saturday. Honestly, it felt like 3 in 1. We grabbed coffee, then we went on a 2.5 hour walk. After the walk, we sat on a bench and talked. He asked if I wanted to grab dinner. Afterwards, he said we should have saved the walk for after the heavy meal. I offered to grab different shoes as mine weren't proper hiking shoes. He laughed and then asked me over to watch a movie. When it started, I was sitting on the floor. He asked if I was going to join him on the couch. I said I would eventually, but I wanted to stretch my legs first. Agreed a few minutes, I moved to the couch and he leaned against my shoulder and held my hashed (we stayed that way the rest of the night). When the movie ended, things got hot and heavy and you can guess what happened next. Afterward, he was cuddly throughout the night. When we woke up, still cuddly. He asked if I wanted coffee, I said yes, so we shared a cup over a conversation. He only asked me to leave when he had an hour before he had to meet up with family. I sent him a pic later on Sunday of my friends and me. I said yard work fell through and I met up with an old friend. I said I hoped he enjoyed his time with his family. I haven't heard anything back and it's two days later. Is it okay to text and thank him for dinner and say I'd like to see him again? Tell him I hope he's having a good week? My friends say not to text him again. I don't know what to do.


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  • Ehhh that's a lot for a first date he could be freaking out a little. I think you can hit him up one more time but dial it way back. Ask him to a casual date like a quick cup of coffee & say you have to run to work after so it will be in fact quick.


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  • Yeah why not, maybe he was busy and didn't get your text