Should I wait or leave him alone?

Okay so me and this guy have been dating/talking for a little over a year now.. And at first I was really pressed as to why he hasn't making me his girlfriend yet.. We had several mini conversations and he say things like "I like you a lot" " we're still official even tho we don't have a title" (whatever that means.) sometimes I have these moments where I'm just feeling sad and when I do, I think about the situation between he & I and get even more upset. He told me that he's not playing games nor leading me on.. He's just simply I guess not in a position to be in a relationship, he says he has a lot going on right now and don't think adding a relationship will help. He said he wouldn't be able to focus all his attention on me and wouldn't want me to feel neglected. I understand that but how long will I have to wait is my main problem.. so my question to you all is do you think he's genuine in what he's saying/ doing therefore I should wait and not rush it.. or do you think he's just giving me the run-arounds just to keep me around (low key not wanting a relationship at all) and therefore I should leave him alone? Overall I really do like him and want to be with him.


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  • leave him there are other fishes in the sea


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should give up. He probably wants you to be faithful to him, while he can fuck other pussy on the side.