Why am I always the one setting up the dates?

I've been dating a guy for a few months and it seems in always the one setting where, when and what's of our dates. He never declines them but lately I've been waiting around to seen if I don't set things up if he'll step into action.

Miao far no dice. We have plans Saturday but have gone 4 days without seeing each other. We usually see each other every other day. I'm pretty sure I won't see him until Saturday. is it lack of interest, laziness?


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  • Maybe nerves. Doesn't want to disappoint or look bad in front of you. Also maybe thought after you first arranged it, that that worked and you're great at that.

    If he seems interested when you meet, then that's important. Maybe he just needs to relax and get more comfortable/stop being nervous. That will happen over time if you both hit it off.

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  • okay don't set the next one up because it could be that he has gotten used to the pattern of you setting up the dates and he is now comfortable with it. change it up and let him do it next time around.

  • I was in your exact position last year and so I stopped setting up dates and left the ball in her court.

    I never heard from her again.

    • Do you think she assumed you just lost interest? Or maybe she was rotating you with a couple of other guys so just didn't mind of one fell off her dance cart kind of thing?

      We text everyday and he says he isn't seeing anyone else... I don't know

    • She told me she was into me but I think she was a bit shy and so didn't feel confident setting stuff up? I have no idea, and am not sure how I'd broach the subject with your guy. You might just say 'take me somewhere fun, surprise me!' and see what happens!

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  • It is probably a bit of both. He is not putting any effort into it. Seriously, stop initiating.