My insecurity is hurting our relationship, what should I do?

While my boyfriend and I were broken up, he pursued other girls and I honestly didn't care. But I noticed that all of the girls he went after look similar, but they also look nothing like me. I notice that when we go out he looks at girls that look like them and on instagram he likes the pictures of girls that look like them and it kind of hurts. It's not that I find these girls prettier than myself, but they just have different features. And when I show him beautiful women that look like me he goes, "They're alright." I honestly feel like I'm not good enough for him. When I tell him this, he says that I'm beautiful and amazing the way I am, but it gets to me. I know I'm not ugly, I'm approached constantly and when I look in the mirror, I'm happy with what I see. I just feel like he's not attracted to me and that I'm not what he physically wants in a girl. Do you guys have any advice to cope with this and get over this feeling? I really hate it and I feel like it's effecting our relationship. I'll find myself being angry with him when I don't really have a reason to.


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  • So stop being insecure and find happiness within yourself, not what he may or may not think of you in terms of appearance. Problem solved.


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  • Seek counseling