Very confused. What should I do please help?

So i've liked the same guy for quite some time more than 6 years to be exact. Just recently we finally admitted our feelings to each other after all these years of wanting each other, but never being together. I thought that it was finally our chance for a relationship. After all of these exchanges of words he stops talking to me. He does this all the time one week he stops talking to me the next he talks to me like crazy. He never picks up my calls and every time we make plans to see each other something comes up. He always ends up not showing up or just not texting me back. I don't understand how can can you tell me you like me one week and the next just stop talking to me? Someone please explain whats going on here. Because I sure as hell don't know.


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  • It isn't going to work out. Cut your losses now and start healing


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  • He probably changed his mind. People are fickle.


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  • A lot of things could be going on. In the end, he's probably just not into you, and will never be.

    Ask him directly.


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