What if my crush falls for my cousin?

i mean the three of us are close friends but my cousin/best friend is way prettier, skinnier, funnier and generally better than me.


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  • Dont be so hard on yourself

    • That's sweet of you I just don't know how to react if that happens.

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  • I went through something super similar in hs. I thought my cousin was prettier but I new personality wise I had her beat. So she introduced me to one of her guy friends his name is Bryan, he was nice and everything. She didn't like him and I knew he liked her but soon enough I had feelings for him because he's text me before school and after school. During school he hung out with me. So I told my cousin, that I had feelings for him and I new he liked her. She said she didn't care. The next day I found out they were together and he still followed me around at school that killed me. I regret not telling him how I feel because I lost h as a friend because of her. She cheated and he thought I knew and I didn't. Just let him know flirt with him see if he flirts back. Trust me you'll regret it if you don't. If he likes you he likes you if he doesn't he doesn't. Plenty of other people out there

    • I'm sorry to hear that ❤️
      I can't do the flirting and all, I'm way too shy for that, I can barely even talk to him.
      And about finding someone else, whatv fb im love with him?

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    • That's cute I say you try to flirt every once in a while. I hope it goes well for you too

    • Thank you. You're very sweet! :)


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  • Either figure out how to keep them apart or figure out how you're going to enjoy sharing. Don't give up too easily.


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  • (((Hugs))) That's an awful way to have to feel:( I would quickly move on to someone else uf that happens. He may still like you better, who knows?

  • Find a diffrent crush