Is it too early for intimacy?

I've been dating this guy for two weeks now, but we're incredibly close and spend a lot of time together, he cares about me a lot and I know that, plus he's never tried to pressure me into doing anything that I'm not willing to do nor has he made an attempt. I feel like I'm ready to start being intimate with him to an extent, but is two weeks too early? When I say intimate, I mean third base-ish


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  • Sweetheart, there is no book or stone tablet that says "Thou shalt wait X days to get to X base" Like damn we dont have a Moses of the sex!

    I've gotten intimate with girls on my first date and others it took months. It all depends on what the two of you are comfortable doing, not what you think 'society' would have you do by waiting X days or whatever.

    If you feel your ready, dont think anymore on the matter. Go for it.


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  • If you both feel ready and comfortable i don''t see why you shouldn't go for it. There's no set time when someone is ready.


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  • Take it slow love...

  • Love is love and feelings are feelings. Does it really matter?


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