Boyfriend won't let go but won't commit either?

We've been dating for a month now, he rarely calls me, he texts me ocassionaly and thats about it, when we go out its great, i told him that its getting kinda cold and i want out, but he holds on to me and the next day he goes on again being distant What should i do i've told him what i want 4 times now, helllllp


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  • It's been a month, that's not much time at all. He is not your boyfriend yet, especially in the circumstances you describe.

    If you want out, leave. You don't need his assent to leave if you're unhappy.


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  • If he’s not prepared or equipped to meet your emotional and mental needs as well as fulfill your greatest non-sexual fantasies, then move on. He doesn’t sound like he’s interested in a monogamous experience so I suggest that you move onto a man who will give you what you desire out of life instead of wasting more of your time. Stop putting your fate in his hands and take control by cutting him off.


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  • He's not that into you. A guy who wants you won't fade out because he'll be too scared of losing you. I think he's not sure how he feels which is a red flag.