Uhhhhh, what can I do?

My sweet boyfriend is so cheesy. And as much I hate cheesy people even less being cheesy, I want to be as "affectionate" as him. But I dont know how to. Nor do I really want to change. I'm use to being cold hearted, that's how i grew up;being ignored and used and not a lot of people showing me any love. What can I do? I'm so confuse ehhhh.

Gee guys y'all are so fucking nice ;-;. My basic point to the question was how do I accept that guy, when I'm afraid of commitment and afraid what might happen with us. I'm still his girlfriend, but I've been sort of pushing him away. Even with a God and all, I can't seem to accept that fact of true reality. I'm stuck worrying and stressing about the fact that this guy might be another one in the list of who has abuse me. Try walking a mile in my shoes >.<


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  • I've met chicks like you. Your type is the "irredeemable bitch" type. You will probably need a religious experience or a serious beat down to change your evil ways. I will pray for you.


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  • Learn to accept love.
    This is your problem and it will follow you from relationship to relationship


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  • Your boyfriend is too nice for you get someone that will swear at you instead of saying "cheesy" things

  • break up with him and get with a guy that abuses you...


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