I'm totally like a deer in headlights?

So I decided to go out with a guy that I used to work with on Saturday. We've gone out every night since then. As well as now he's having me meet him on his lunch breaks. We kissed yesterday and my daughter saw and asked why I kissed him. So I texted him cause it was funny as hell. When I asked n told him I don't know what to call this he told me this "feels really good honestly. Let's see what we can make happen :)" I'm completely confused and don't know if he's wanting to pursue something or not? I've been single a year and before that I was in a 5 yr relationship so I don't understand the talking and dating thing.


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  • What he is saying is that he is willing to take that relationship further, but he is waiting for you. He wants to make sure you are into it. The ball is in your court...


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  • Aww! Sounds like he likes you but isn't ready to make a BF/GF commitment yet (and that's fair after only a week of seeing each other). He could've just said he doesn't like labelling relationships or given you some other BS excuse for not wanting to define what/where you two are, but he didn't. Instead, he let you know that he's enjoying taking things slow and getting to know you. The fact that he mentioned he wants to see what could happen with you two is a really good sign, so don't worry - you're doing just fine! Though it must be tough trying to date with a daughter as you gotta think about her needs too, not just yours...