Should I go on a date with a guy whom I don't plan on dating (and he knows it, but keeps insisting)?

I let this guy know straight away that I'm not interested in dating, and that I've been dealing with a lot of shit in my life lately. He asked me out anyway "to cheer me up". I felt bad about refusing him because he seemed really genuine and nice, and had been texting me for a long time, so I agreed. I hoped he'd see that I'm not that great of a person, will stop liking me and won't ask me out again, but he did. I told him I'm still not interested, but he says he'd still like to hang out in case it will lift my mood a bit.

I feel like he just wants to hang around, wait until I'm done/help me with dealing with my problems and then ask me to date him. But my problems can't be resolved anytime soon, so to me it feels like leading him on. Although he suggests it himself, relying on him for emotional support just doesn't seem fair to me, knowing that he likes me romantically and that I won't be able to date him. What do you think?


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  • no because then you're using him dont let him lead himself on


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  • ... But my problems can't be resolved anytime soon, s it feels like leading on.
    You said a mouthful here, dear, and are being very wise and sensible in spilling your guts out. Along with everything else on your plate, you don't needs someone who may end up being a ball and chain and being hooked at the Hip, not only as a life line but With... Lip.
    Let him down easy but be firm Tell him you are very sorry but with careful consideration, you feel it really isn't Fair to him as well as You and right now, is not the time for you Or... For him.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Yeah, don't lead him on if he's after a relationship and you are not. Get stern with him if need be until he understands.

    If he genuinely just wants to meet for lunch or something, to cheer you up, I don't see any harm in that.


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  • If you've been honest with him thus far about your intentions and how you do not wish to date at the moment, then he's literally just asking you in hopes of getting you in a better mood, taking a break from the hard life to have fun! I think in a way it's unfair but he's making his bed, so he can't get mad at you in the long run if you're still not ready to date.