Should I give up on her?

there's this girl I like a lot that I met a week ago. I got her number and we had our first date a couple days ago. I think it went pretty well and she one time casually mentioned "next time" about something, so I think that means she wants to hang out again.

The only thing that seems weird is that when we text she doesn't seem too interested. I know she has work and can't answer all the time, but when she does theyre usually short replies. She also never initiates conversation or compliments me. It's weird because in person she seemed to laugh a lot and seem happy with me.
I go on vacation tomorrow so I won't be able to talk to her for a week, so do you think I should bother trying to talk to her when I get back? Thanks


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  • if she contacts you, then yes you should. if she doesn't then probably not.


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  • Nah, move on.


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  • It's possible she's just too shy to express how she feels over a text message. I would say her actions in person are a more accurate indicator of whether she likes you. When you get back you should ask her to do something else.


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