Texts that'll make girls laugh?

I like this girl but I can only text her because we're on summer break. What are texts to make her laugh but not come off as weird? Specifically conversation starters really.


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  • More details needed. What kind of person is she? Hobbies, sports, personality Etc.

    • Well she really enjoys jokes and not sure about hobbies but I know she swims ( sports). So yeah a funny conversation starter really then I can take it from there

    • Hmm...
      I wouldn't try to be funny as it coukd just sound awkward. Just ask her how it's going, and say something about your day.

    • I pmed you with a question

What Guys Said 1

  • Try to amuse (impress) yourself in the process instead of trying to impress her - or you'll come off as trying to hard and she'll either put you in the creep categ. or worse - the friendzone - message me for more advice - i'll tell you what you need