What does a kiss mean when they only kiss your bottom lip?


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  • Is it early on in the relationship. If it is he is just being really slow and does not want to come across to strong to fast but in my view he is being a bit too slow.

    • He is, it's my ex and I think he wants to get back together but I'm not sure eighter. What should I look for regarding that?

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    • But thing is he doesn't text me enough to hang out or just talk like I think he should if he likes me again. Maybe it's just me but that's why I'm kinda confused. What are your thoughts?

    • What dI'd you think?


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  • that they don't fkin want to eat you but just kiss..

    • Eat you? What? It's only the bottom lip

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    • you're 25+ and trying to find out if he wants to date you by the particular lip he's kissing? wow that's advanced stupid lol.

    • No not by that only

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  • He is trying to take it slow.

    • How slow because he doesn't even text me to hang out or talk to me during the day.