Should I be mad?

My boyfriend and I of 4 years broke up last year, we were no longer happy with each other and making each other miserable so we agreed to still be friends. After we broke up, about 6 months later he was over for my birthday & we ended up kissing and having sex but, we remained friends. In January, we got back together and both realized that we did love each other still, we just needed something to re connect over. However, in February when we OFFICALLY, got back together... He told me he had a girlfriend but he broke it off with her before he officially asked me too be his girlfriend. (2 weeks prior) but, thinking about it... I asked him if there was someone else in his life and he lied to me the first time & says that he didn't want me to rush off into a relationship with someone ( I have a bad habit of picking bad guys). Bottom line, he cheated on her with me and did tell me he never loved her & that they weren't officially a couple, they were sex buddies to him, but she thought they were more... Keep in mind also, the girl he was having sex with, has hated me for YEARS (5+) & I only knew about her about 2 years ago through my boyfriends cousin because they were having sex at the time so she's been through the whole family. The more I think about it, even though I do not know her, I don't approve of my boyfriend leading on another girl but from what I heard from among his family & friends , she is kinda "Hoeish", should this bother me , the way it is? he had sex with two other girls too, but he doesn't even remember their names , I had sex with one other man & before this man and I did anything, I told my boyfriend before it happened. I'm not overreacting am I? I have the right to be upset that he lied to me about having sex with other girls & made me feel bad about having sex with one other guys?


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  • You're overreacting, sorry.

    People lie to each other. Even the people they love. C'est la vie.


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  • You have a right to be upset about him lying to you.


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  • Pretty fucked up situation, in my opinion


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