I told this girl I wouldn't date her because she's a muslim?

I know you're probably thinking I'm an ignorant bigot because of the title but here me out. Recently I've been talking to this girl and we became good friends, however I didn't realize that she liked me prior to us even talking. Anyway she recently asked me out and I told her "No, sorry" and she kept asking me why and why and eventually she said "Is it because I'm ugly" and I responded "No you're beautiful" then she said "So why not" and afterwards you can guess "Because your religion". Now I'm an atheist (I think I don't really care about religions and what have to do with them) but I know for a fact, based on what she's told me about her family and the research I've done on Islam and what I've heard from other muslim guys and girls, that our relationship would be an absolute trainwreck. First according to her beliefs she shouldn't even be dating me so that jeopardizes that and two if her parents ever found out it would ruin the relationship right then and there because there would really be no reasoning with them because her parents are super stict (I've met them). Anyway after telling her this she broke out in tears and said she hates me and never wants to see me again (I guess she took my reason the wrong way, I hate nothing against Islam though I question some of it's teachings but personally I don't really have anything against any muslims except extremists). So how can I cheer this girl up? Should I explain to her better why or just leave it be because she seemed really heartbroken.

Also I'm not really lying when I say this girl is beautiful (and she's thick as hell while also being really smart) but yeah.


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  • If you want, then try to explain. But realise that what you've said has really hurt this girl, and the way you approached the situation was wrong. If she continues to say she doesn't want anything to do with you again, then leave her alone because she has every right to do that.


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  • As long as you don't object to hearing she can't date you because you're atheist (kofr or kaffir).


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  • actually SHE can't date YOU...


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