What can I do so my girlfriend is not mad at me anymore?

I made plans with this girl she doesn't like apprently and now my girlfriend is mad at me. Is it a big deal? But most importantly what can i do? Will canceling the plans with the other girl be enough?


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  • Cancel the plan


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  • U have to cancel if u still want her to be your girlfriend she has the right to be mad she feels like u like her an might try to cheat she is afraid of losing u to her it's like if she made plans with a Hansum guy u would be pissed

    • i guess i will cancel it


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  • Sounds like you're girlfriend is insecure. You should be able too hang-out with any girl you please without your S. O getting jealous.

    • what can i do for now?

    • Hang out with her. You shouldn't change the people you hang out with just because of your girlfriend. Any reasonable girlfriend would let you do so without getting jealous. So do it. If she disagrees and gets jealous then you will see her true colors..