We text everyday, but neither initiates hanging out anymore?

This guy and I have sort of been seeing each other for 2+ months, we had a history before so we're very comfortable with each other. Even though we said we'd keep it casual this time, he'd call me "his girl" and say how happy he was with me, and trying to play it casual I wouldn't say anything like that to him. But it's obvious that we only hang out to have sex, and ever since 2-3 weeks ago we hung out I could sense things would be different even though they were great when we hung out. We still text everyday, but it's been 2-3 weeks since we hung out and neither of us have initiated hanging out. It's bugging me to just have a texting relationship, but I always am hesitant to ask him to hang out bc I don't want to seem clingy. Should I ask him to hang/bring it up, or wait to see if he asks?


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  • Yes, you should bring it up

    • What should I say/how should I bring it up?

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  • Wouldn't you rather be with someone who wants you for more than sex? If that's all that it is it isn't going to change.


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  • Wait to see if he asks you out first, and if he doesn't, then you initiate it.


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