Girls, should I let go?

to make everything easier
i been in a relationship with my baby mama 8 years
and I gotten to the point I'm not happy I constant gotta keep checking her fb, snapchat , text message
she has cheated me on the past and we argue a lot because she telling me I'm a crazy ass pathetic keeping check on her I mean
I don't try to it on purpose but I'm not happy no more
I'm tired of having to check her messages and she flirting but yet she calling psycho for being on her privacy
should I just walk out no judging please?


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  • Leave with your dignity.
    She is a cheater and clearly has no intentions of changing.
    Just because u have a baby with someone doesn't mean u have to stay with them.
    It's better if u leave because eventually ur child will reach a age where he/she can sense the malfunction and knows what's going on.

    • Living in a toxic environment with ur kid is far worse than if u were to walk away.
      U are a great young man and don't need to deal with any of this.


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  • Of course, if that's how you are feeling. Once the trust is gone, and can't be restored, it ruins everything...

  • Leave her and look for something better. You don't deserve that. However, never abandon your child. Don't let this woman and your dysfunctional relationship with her get in the way of you and your child's.

  • Maybe should let her go or try to work things out for the baby

  • You should tell it to her face yo