When pretty girls look at me? Why do i/they look away?

I wouldn't say im ugly but not the hottest either.
Why when i look at pretty women they dont smile or look away as if i just creeped them out?
Like ffs I'm not a fkn creep or rapist for goodness sakes.


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  • Actually girls are very self-conscious. No matter how "pretty" or "ugly" . If you see someone looking at you and your self esteem is not that good... well you're your own worse enemy. Sometimes even the most beautiful of women are beating themselves up inside because, they're not thin enough, they have a big nose, they don't have big enough boobs, etc. etc. etc. You on the other hand see these women and think they're gorgeous. They think you're staring at their imperfections. So they look away. Fearful. Just keep being the sweet guy you are. If you see a girl who you think is pretty it's good to make eye contact and most importantly smile. :) Take it easy on yourself. Have a great summer and good luck to you. Blessed be.

    • Well said appreciate the advice

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  • Its same with me its like i'm air to them they just dont look at me or turn away I don't know why, im not even that ugly, f it i figured i'll be forever alone so idc anymore


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  • Because their eyes start burning and looking at the sun too long causes blindness.

  • Who cares about those girls tbh! They're just stuck up asf! They throw around and use that word all the time to guys who aren't as good looking. If the guy was hot and was staring and smiling, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be thinking the same thing.


What Guys Said 4

  • maybe u stare at 'em for a pretty long time? if yes better stop bro...

  • Seems preferable to the reaction you'd get from a lot of guys, which would be more along the lines of: "What are you looking at? You wanna fight?"

  • Where do they look when they look away? To the ground or the side?

    • Ground.
      Does it matter?

    • Well, if they look to the ground, its mostly a sign of submission. This most likely means that it could be a sign of embarrasement ("oh no he saw me looking" kind of), or she could be shy, or she could think you're handsome

    • To the side it usually means nothing by the way

  • you dont have to be something to look like something
    maybe you just send that rapist vibe, I don't know