What is the first date usually like?

I'm going on a date this Friday... We both really like each other but I'm kind of scared how the date will end up. His ex girlfriend is one of my friends, and she told me he was awkward and wouldn't make a move on her. Should i worry about this? Also, what if we have nothing to talk about?


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  • Where are you going to for the date? What does your friend mean by make a move? What are expecting him to do? Like initiate kissing, ask for sex?

    • We are doing dinner and a movie... I just want him to kiss me and start a conversation

    • Why not help him initiate it? Give him a peck on the cheek

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  • ok, NEVER listen to your friends... especially girls. She may be trying to put you off him for a reason and hoping it goes as badly as it did for her because if it goes well it will show he just didn't like her enough :)

    Go with the flow and get to know him but get past the nerves there is nothing to worry about! I loved dating at your age! :)


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