How can I help him feel better?

There's this guy I've been talking to and I really like him. His last relationship wasn't really the best and neither was mine. Yesterday I finally asked him where we stand and he told me "you're a very sweet girl and you're beyond beautiful. I honestly really like you but right now I'm not sure being in a relationship is what I'm looking for. I just need some time, but let's continue talking and hanging out. I want you to bare with me since I'm going through a really dark phase. I just feel like nothing makes me happy and the sunshine isn't coming anytime soon." How can I make him feel better? How can I make him be happy again? Also do you think I should wait and give him time instead of moving on? Thank you


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  • You should just do what he asks. If you really like him then you should wait for him to get over his last relationship.


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  • I'd move on but keep him as a friend if I could without being hurt. He said he isn't interested in anything right now. You can't "help" him, only he can do that.


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  • wow that sounds deep, have you been on dates?
    how old is he?

    • Yeah we've hung out a few times and almost 20.