If you and your partner are having loads of sex at the beginning of the r/s is this sustainable for a long period of time or simply just a honeymoon?

As title... If your having loads of sex in the beginning for several of the early months could that carry over for a long period of time? or will it eventually just taper off and die down?


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  • me and my SO had tons of sex in the beginning... and have even more sex now. haha! just depends. the sex usually gets better and better with time tho. the closer you get and more things you wanna try...


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  • In my experience it always cools off somewhat, but exactly how much depends on the relationship. At the beginning of my last relationship, I was actually worried because it seemed like every time we saw each other, we'd interact for a few minutes and then we'd be having sex. I was concerned that the relationship had no basis other than physical attraction. Two years later, I'd spend the weekend with that girlfriend, and I'd be lucky to get half an hour devoted to sex. I've now been with my current girlfriend for a little over two years and we still have sex basically every time we're alone together at the end of the day, but that's down from like four times a night when we first started dating.


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  • It usually tapers and dies down.

    As you get more responsibilities , it becomes hard to fix sex into your schedule.

    -School (if you are attending it).


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  • No it will cool off