When should you stop pursuing a girl?

At what point would you say you stop pursuing a girl? Girls what are some ways you are trying to hint to a guy to stop?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I cancel plans or make up excuses as to how I'm busy. If I was actually busy & interested, I would reschedule. I will be slow to respond or sometimes completely ignore messages. I'll talk about other guys or guy friends to put into his head I might be interested in someone else. I'll talk about boring things and only be polite, not flirty/entertaining.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you keep making plans and she is constantly shooting them down, then you should stop, especially if her excuses are complete bug shit.

    • What kind of excuses do you consider shit?

    • basically if they are tedious or "I'm tired". bottom line, if a girl really wants to spend time with you, she will also make it happen. valid excuses are ones that can jeopardize her future, like studying and finishing homework, but using that excuse all the time can eventually turn to shit if you keep planning and set a date, cause she should've prepared ahead of time ya know. so in the beginning most excuses are reasonable cause you just never know, but as you continue there should be some mutual respect/agreement formed to where those excuses shouldn't ever get in the way due to proper planning.


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  • when i start avoiding you...


What Guys Said 1

  • I usually stop once she files a restraining order.