Girls, dating site question?

So I joined a dating site and it made a list of matches, but all the chicks in the list are way out of my league and super pretty. Do all dating sites do this? Especially the ones who show up on more than one site or th r ones that keep reappearing in my "mutual matches"


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  • That site is just trying to be more appealing to you, sure message them, but go for women you feel you can connect with more if you want results. Why not try a search option and find some ladies to message on your own.

    • What do you mean?

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    • well look for women you could actually see yourself being with and having a good time with. Unless this is a hookup site i assume you want a relationship.

    • Well I've never had a girlfriend or even been on a date, so I have no idea what kind of women I could get


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  • don't decide they're out of your league - let them put themselves there if they must. if you don't message them, you get exactly the response you get if you message them and they aren't interested. aside from a few minutes of your time, what have you got to lose?

  • Maybe they are fake.