Girls, Did I scare her? If so what do I do to keep her?

We met on an online dating site. Her profile said she wasn't looking for anything serious. She also mentioned it to me and I said that's ok let's just get to know eachother and she was ok with that. We started talking online and gradually our messages became more and more frequent u til I asked her out in which she replied, "that would be nice :)" then I got her number. She was headed out of town with friends but we still managed to text all then time and our number of messages gradually increased. She even asked me if we were still up for our date. On our date we went for ice cream and a walk around the park. We conversed, made eye contact and everything was great!! The date was going well and I had butterflies and I was like finally I met a girl for me. Anyways I ended the date by hugging her and then we kissed. She stared at me while I hugged her so I knew she wanted to kiss. 20 minutes after the date she texted me thanking me for the evening. We made plans to shoot pool. One day she ignored me and me being the worry wart I texted her saying I like her and I hope we are still good and I look forward to seeing her. Then she replied the next day reminding me she doesn't want anything serious and she doesn't want to give me false intentions. I said that's ok I enjoy her friendship and I'm not ready for anything serious either. She said she's ok with friends. She couldn't make our date as she had family emergency which she really did but now she's non committal to our second date. She's letting me know this week as this month is too busy to make solid plans. She also mentioned that she doesn't see the need to text everyday. I agree I'm just bored at home and thought the flow was going well and that's why we texted. I probably came off as clingy but I'm off work with an injury so my time is spent doing nothing so I have more time to text. But I'm back at work now. I metioned that to her and she said that's great that our going back to work.

So this week we might be going out but she's not commiting but she is busy his month and I knew that before we even went on our first date. She hid her online dating profile so that had me worried. I'm just overthinking right and I put pressure on her right? She's interested but scared and the fact I put pressure on her made her even more cautious right? She's a very nature and smart woman and she's not into game playing and one night stands or playing with people's feelings.
She's brutally honest and I'm sure she wouldn't be replying to me if she wasn't interested. I'm almost certain I'm overthinking this but I've never felt so attached so quickly and it scares the shit out of me


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  • I think you might have scared her. I don't think she's necessarily not interested AT ALL. I personally don't like/see the need to text daily even with close friends or guys I like a lot. I think she might be feeling pressured by your texts. At any rate she seems to be signalling that she would like to cut down contact, so maybe do that.

    • I agree!! Thank you :)

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  • She's non-committal on a second date and commented that you don't need to text each other everyday. I think, for whatever reason, she's probably not interested. stop contacting her and see if she contacts you. That will be your answer.

    • She's contacted me and texting is back to how it was before

  • She's just not ready for ANYTHING, I think. She can tell you're invested, so she's cutting you off now before you get more attached and she hurts you deeper. Been there, done that :/ Sorry dude.

    • Maybe but she started talking with me and apologizing for cancelling dates. She flirting big time now. I think she's testing me

  • Yeah you did.

    • How do I get her back?