Is he breaking up with me?

I work with this guy and we have been dating over a month. Everything was fine until recently... We each have a child he had told me he wants to be a father figure to my kid and we have also discussed the kid. Meeting which we have both made plans to do yet anytime that day comes something always comes up and they can't , my daughter likes him and he is a nice guy even before we started dating. But his daughter doesn't like him dating which I understand but he doesn't talk about it, I started to bring it up by saying one night when he had her we should let the girls meet besides the fact I'd like to meet her n he stopped talking to me. Later the next day I asked if he was ok , nothing hours later after seeing a million fb post I asked why he was ignoring me and he was nasty, I found out from a friend his daughter wants her parents back together, and he is stressed. I asked if I did something n he said he's busy n has a lot on his mind I asked what he is stressed about n haven't heard back. He also put a broken heart song on fb n basically said him n his ex weren't perfect but they have there daughter in common n sh. Has her every night n he doesn't. Should I b blunt or give him space I don't know what to do like everything changed out of no where what do I do?


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  • Children have a strong influence on parent, since good parents want to make their children not only happy, but do what is best for them. It's difficult when the daughter is looking past her father's happiness, but it happens. I can't tell you if he's breaking up with you, but tread lightly since this is going to come down to him. If you've spent a lot of time together, try to take a break so he can have a real moment to see what life is like without you. Sometimes it hurts, but he might decided to break it off. But there is a chance he might want to stay together. If he chooses the later, just be ready for a long struggle (it's worth it if you really do love him).

    • I ended up breaking it off for the fact he completely shut me out , all's he had to say was I have personal stuff going on and I would have been fine taking a break or giving him space, we got into a huge fight and he told me everything and said how he's afraid of letting people in and isn't ready being his ex hurt him. I miss him and want to be with him but he doesn't want a relationship with me clearly

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  • Yeah he is.


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  • Don't get close to this guy cause he has lot of baggage just be careful


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